Tabley Hall | Stately Home

Join us for a one-of-a-kind photography opportunity capturing three stunning models adorned in exquisite gowns at the picturesque Tabley Hall House in Cheshire. This exclusive event allows for a maximum of 12 participants per session (morning and afternoon), catering to photographers of all skill levels. Everyone is welcome to participate and hone their photography skills in this enchanting setting

Saturday 22nd June £250/session

Morning and Afternoon Sessions

We are stoked to be hosting two separate sessions on Saturday 25th May at Tabley Hall House, Cheshire.

Morning session 9 am -12.30 pm £250, 12 spaces open

Afternoon session 1.30 pm - 5 pm £250, 12 spaces open

Stunning Manor

We'll have the exclusive opportunity to capture photographs at the breathtaking Tabley House, reserved solely for our use.

Designer Gowns

Get ready to be wowed by our amazing models rocking some seriously stunning designer gowns. These outfits are top-notch, handpicked to add that extra oomph to every shot we capture!

Styling and more

You'll love how our carefully selected models and styling perfectly complement the breathtaking venue. We spare no expense in securing top-tier venues, models, and gowns, and our prices reflect the quality you can expect.

Email Neda to book:


How do I book?

Please email to book your seat. All bookings must be paid in full to secure your seat (£250).

What should I bring?

Bring your kit, including a flash if you have one, along with food and snacks. Please refrain from eating or drinking inside the house; we have a designated area for that purpose. You'll find ample lighting options available, including both artificial and natural light.

What level of skill and experience is required?

All skills and levels are welcome, and rest assured, a tutor will be on hand to assist you throughout your journey. This is a brilliant opportunity to gain access to an amazing venue and models, allowing you to build your portfolio while experimenting and learning.

What is the refund policy

If you're unable to attend the workshop, please reach out to us. We allow tickets to be transferred or sold to others, but we do not offer refunds.


How do I get to the venue?

Please follow the brown sign posted signs saying Tabley House. Tabley House/Tabley Lane, Knutsford WA16 0HB.

Is there parking?

There is plenty of parking, please park considerately giving everyone ample space as the manor can only be reached by car.

Who is our host

Neda Horsley is your host (Hi!). I've been a professional photographer for 10+ years and hosted numerous photography workshops in the UK and abroad.

Pro tip

Be openminded, kind and bring on your best attitude.